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The Dungeon Chronicles : Chickens

Last week Orcs got their minute of glory and introduction but it is now time to move onto way more impressive and even terrifying enemies.


Need I say more ?

Have you tried to fight a chicken in The Legend of Zelda before in your life ?

Have you ever rolled a critical miss during a D&D session, so bad you found out the chicken in front of you is actually the mortal envelop of an ancient demon ready to conquer the world and end all human life, starting with yours ?

No ? Just me ?

You still have to recognize they have a certain aura of terror to them and limitless power. But any powerful can become a priceless ally when you know how to do it.

In the dungeon, their destructive power is contained in the limits of a cage, but no cage can resist against a good attack.

You will not be able to control their rage but you can at least make sure that when their blood-thirst takes over, you are not the first face they’ll see, and they will instead make your enemies be the victims of it, forced to fight for their lives !

To make sure you’ve mastered that skill by the time your own adventure in the dungeon starts, here is a simple 3-step tutorial :

Step 1 :

Identify in the room the spot in which the cage containing those devious creatures is

Step 2 :

Make said cage explode through by mean you wish (be creative !)

Step 3 :

Pray for your face not to be the first one they see in the middle of the battle.

It is not the only use you can find for them but we trust your imagination and own experience to surprise us.

With that skill mastered you’re thaaaaaaat close to becoming master of the world in a second.

Well if not master of the world, at least you’ll stay alive and that is more than most adventurers achieve !

And if you survive, you’ll have the joy of being able to find out more about the dungeon, its secrets and how it works, so why not ?

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