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The Dungeon Chronicles : Cohesion in a group

You know that adventure is all about joy, the expectation of fights and the wonders of finding new things in each corner of a room or in a forgotten bag.

But all of that joie and excitement can not be experienced if you never actually walk into the Dungeon.

And to get into the Dungeon, it is advised to be surrounded by a team that isn’t sulking so often and so violently that it is impossible to even agree on a way to get past the front door.

Team spirit is importance, truly. Disagreements in a group shouldn’t be solved by punching one another or throwing one of the members in a deep black hole with no way out. There is a simple reason to that : You are united, you are friends and you should help each other out. And also… it is easier to win a fight when you are 7 friends fighting together rather than 7 strangers who can barely tolerate the sound of their companions breathing. But let’s stick to the unity plan, where you are all friendly and don’t argue every step of the way.

You are probably used to games telling you that your actions have consequences, but here it is not about hidden endings, changing narratives or a mistake you will never be able to fix and that will inevitably ruin everything you’ve been trying to do in the last 20 hours you’ve played the game.

The theme today is a little system that will give a little more personality to your interlocutors and spice up your actions and dialogues in no time. You can’t just eat Pop-Twits to your heart’s content, insult everyone and let any poor fool you cross path with (or companion !) bleed out to death without facing any consequences.

In the Dungeon, we remember things and we know how to hold a grudge ! You’re free to let the Rogue take every single hit and end up limping forever or even leave the Dwarf passed out on the floor because you’ve got better things to do than help him. But a dwarf who took an arrow to the ass and got no help whatsoever will not be the most pleasant when it is time to talk. And the Dwarf would never miss an opportunity to share his opinion so don’t count on him being silent about it.

Here is the whole mechanic : You can get to the end of the Dungeon with a group where everyone appreciates, or at least can stand each other and doesn’t fight constantly, or you can live an adventure full of mean comments and fights where you won’t be able to clearly figure out if you’re supposed to be friends or enemies.

In all cases, we can’t make any promises about cohesion in your group, because you are the sole masters of it.

Will the Barbarian ever have a nice word for a companion ? Who know ? You will when you you will have tried this adventure !

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