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The Dungeon Chronicles : Exploration Time !

Dungeon exploration is made, unsurprisingly, of exploration. Fighting isn’t the only skill an adventure will need in the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, in which the main goal is still to find one of the twelve statuettes of Gladeulfeurha.

To find a statuette in the Dungeon you’ll need to do a little more than walk straight ahead from the front door. And it wouldn’t be our style to do such a thing anyway !

Exploration relies on mechanics different from those of fighting. This time there’s not turn-based system, we walk and adventure in real time to look into each corner of each hallway of this very large place. To move around you will only need the power of the mouse, or a controller, we’re not ones to judge your choices !

You don’t actually lead the entire group, instead you pick a leader that the rest of the group will be happy to follow around. You’re free to give the Ranger his minute of fame and power by letting him lead or instead put the impressive Ogre at the front.

Left, right, left, right, and change !

Lots of perks come with exploration, including the opportunity to not get hit in the face for a moment, but also to discover new details, new characters and new challenges.

It’s not because we’re not talking about strategy and turn-based systems that we forget about mental work. We plan on keeping your brain cells active and to get you to be more « wise wizard full of knowledge » and less elven … Elf, that’s it just an elf.

The doors of this massive place won’t always be open, and opening some of them will require a little more effort than just casually knocking at the door and walking in. Those puzzles will be the key to dig keeping in the mystery that is our heroes’ adventure.

And if you’re a barbarian at heart and exploring isn’t your thing, see that as the path to better equipment for better fights !

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