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The Dungeon Chronicles : How to stay Organized in a Fight

As you probably know by now, proud adventurers reading that chronicle that you are, the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk : the Amulet of Chaos is a a turn-based role-playing game.

The art of turn-based combat is probably no secret to a lot of you, but for some you’re discovering a whole new world. Our goal today isn’t to lose the newcomers or to bore the experts, and for that reason this article is gonna be in several parts you’re free to skip through if you’re already at a higher level.

Level 1 : Combat 101.

Here is the sweet sound of a definition approaching. And today it will simply be about the very concept of turn-based combat :

« In a classical turn-based system, only one character may act at a time; all other characters remain still. »

No messy battles where you kind of lose track of what is going on, we’re talking about thinking before acting.

In our game, each character gets two actions each turn, actions that can either be some sort of interaction or movement limited in space.

At the beginning of each fight, you will (most of the time) be asked to place the members of the group in the confine of a defined area before going any further.

Level 2 : Battle !

You can choose to fight with « standard » attacks, in hand-to-hand combat or from a distance, or you can use the diverse skills at your disposition.

If you choose to use some sort of arrow during the assault, it seems important to remind you of a few basic rules of physics :

  • The further you are, the worse you shoot.

  • An arrow makes no difference between friends and foes, and if an ally is standing in the way of the projectile, the projectile in question won’t make friendly detour to avoid them.

Considering who's shooting the arrow, we might argue that everyone is in danger here.

Not only the general position of your character counts, but also their orientation in space.

A hit is indeed way more efficient if it’s given right in the direction of that enemy. So don’t forget that detail when you’ll be looking to optimize your strategy !

Those arrows on the ground mean more than they seem.

Level 3 : A company.

The hard work of an adventurer in the middle of a fight doesn’t have to be a solitary one, and it can in fact be more efficient if the assault is supported by a group.

Having several adventurers, weapons raised toward the same enemy, will make any attack from one of those adventurers stronger. And the more, the stronger. Unity is strength apparently !

You’re now a little better prepared to win against the enemies you will find during this adventure. All there is left to do is to sharpen your swords and dust off your spell books.

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