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The Dungeon Chronicles : Introduction

To start any good chronicle, a short summary of the adventure that awaits you is needed :

The Ranger, the Barbarian, the Elf, the Dwarf, the Sorceress, the Ogre and the Rogue go on an epic quest in the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, but quickly a strange feeling of déjà-vu settles in…

We count 7 characters to introduce you to, but we're actually not introducing you to those ones today. Today, the star is the Dungeon, because it's the only with its name in the title !

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is located in the south west of the Land of Fangh, a few miles away from Twistedvale,a village itself not far from -- Actually we don't give a damn about that part !

Let's refocus on our hero (or villain !) of the day, our dungeon, kept in check by the master of the house ... Zangdar ! Whom we will tell you nothing more about except that he is a wizard, wears a hood and will be mentioned later on.

The dungeon is filled with a multitude of ennemies the adventurers will be able to confront : Orcs, wizards (interns, sure), liches, goblins and skeletons or mercenaries of all kinds . But the goal is not to beat up people ... not -only- ... well a lot, but before anything else, it is to get the statuette of Gladeulfeurha, the key to the fullfilment of the prophecy, because it is written on the tablet of Skelos, that only a one-legged Gnome from the Northen Forests, dancing under a full moon, surrounded by the twelve statuettes wrapped in ham will open the door of Zaral Bak.

You can feel the adventure there, it smells like a good time, like blood, glory and conquests !

And we will give you even more because after offering incredible ennemies for an incredible quest, the dungeon also has a famouse tavern to offer, known across the rehion for its decent alcool and tolerable concerts but also for its waitresses, guaranteeing a pleasant and impeccable service.

The diversity in the dungeon's activities is obvious, and there's also a great diversity of rooms. Lots of floors, lots of space, lots of different interiors, it's impossible for you not to like at least a part of the dungeon because of how made for you it is.

For you, you. You there too. And you !

To venture in there 7 adventurers is the bare minimum and you will need to know your dungeon companions. That's why next time, we'll introduce you properly to the merry team of quirky explorers who will be your main support against that challenge.

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