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The Dungeon Chronicles : Math Class

Today we’re talking maths. Promise we’ll make it more fun than it seems at first. A game is made of a lot of information and we’ll give you a summary of those metrics, the best data we could find !

Here we go !

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is originally an audio series. So far we haven’t lost you. Little bonus information : It is exactly 4h53 of audio series.

We decided we liked talking, so the game contains nearly 15h of dialogues as part of its arsenal. According to the experts in mathematics at our disposition [editor’s note : the Windows calculator], it is 3,07 times the audio series.

All of that spread across 7700 lines shared by 140 characters speaking at some point in this adventure !

Another interesting number is that the game has 240 characters overall. Unfortunately it was extremely difficult, and we regret it, to find a rat who would willingly start a voice-acting career.

However we were able to find really human voice actors and we’ve got surprises for you in that department.

The quest won’t miss a chance to show you a wide variety of enemies, friends and other messy companions to cross path with during your journey to explore the dungeon and find everything it has to offer. (And say.)

Because the dungeon does have a lot, a whole lot, to show. 200 rooms, which is enough to keep you busy on your 40-hour hike, if you only count the main quest, and a 60-hour one if you aren’t scared of side quests.

No we weren’t done with numbers.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore and fight and because we like you so much, we’re gonna show you a few examples :

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