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The Dungeon Chronicles : Parity in the Dungeon

Today we gather you around because we want to talk about something dear to our heart in the Dungeon : Parity.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk isn’t all beer & bear stew and drunk adventurers, oh no it’s also a whole lot of people who live in there, work in there or just walk through there. And we like to have all possible kinds of people !

As always we’ll start with a definition we can't skip.

Definition : Equal representation of men and women.

Same as women are half of the world, they are also half of our dungeon.

We would never advise you to try to go through it without the women in it because here is the list of everything you’d miss :

50% of the characters are also 50% of the interaction.

And 50% of interaction in a tavern, it’s called a terrible night. And we also wish you luck if you plan on keeping such a business alive with half of the clientele gone.

But it’s not only about villagers and clients for the tavern, parity is also about the ennemies the adventurers will have the opportunity to encounter. Gobelins, trolls and golems are nice for sure but I don’t know about you, but we will not be as confident if you put us in front of a lich. It’s not only dead, it’s dead and it’s got powers. A lich is a living dead with with the ability of autonomous decision-making, and we can already tell you what they’ll do with it. They will autonomously decide to kick your ass so hard you’ll go home with missing teeth than you arrived with and a strong fear of setting foot outside of your home again for the next century !

But we can’t forget about the importance of parity in our company of heroes either.

Once again, here is everything you would miss if you were to set the women aside :

  • You wouldn’t attack from afar much. You can do as you want we won’t force you to anything for sure, but we’ll just say that between the guy who lost his jaw by wanting to run right into battle and the woman who knocks out her enemies without even having to get close to them, there is one who is obviously better than the other.

  • And after that, that guy who lost his jaw might want a little more life ? Right ? Too bad there is now close to no one to help him out with that !

  • Oh well, look at that. You’re dead !

As good scientists, after our initial hypothesis and our demonstrations, here comes the conclusion about what a dungeon would be without women :

Way less people, way less fun, way less adventurers and employees.

Bankruptcy for sure !

So this round is on us to celebrate the women of our dungeon and the ones who made it, because adventure would be sad without them.

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