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The Dungeon Chronicles : The Barbarian

Name : The Barbarian

Age : 19

Place of birth : Wild lands of Kwzprtt (pronounced Kwzprtt)

Strong and well-built, fairly tall and sporting long blond hirsute hair, the Barbarian wears short clothes made of leather and skin and big boots that smell bad. He's not cold anyway, being cold is for wimps.

He is a descendant of the Cardiac Tribes who grew up east of Glargh, one of the big cities of the Land of Fangh. Raised the tough way, surrounded by manly games and paternal clouts, he decided to take off to discover the world after a sentimental letdown. Indeed, his cousin refused to go out with him, explaining that he couldn't lift a chariot with one hand.

After that disappointment he went on the roads to find out about the dangers of life outside the camp, but he quickly understood that -he- was the danger and everyone was scared of him when he swung his rusty sword above his head (Well "his" that he stole from his uncle).

After robbing a few passersby, he had the intention of spending all of his money in a craftsmen market but had his wallet stolen by a skilled rogue.

Inevitably out of coins, he accepted a job from a hooded guy who promised him glory and riches if he goes to the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk.

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