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The Dungeon Chronicles : The Elf

Name : The Elf

Age : Somewhere around 40 (You know ... Elves...)

Place of birth : Forest of Groinsale (According to humans. It might sound better in Elvish but we don't speak Elvish here)

A thin and well proportionned body, light and alert eyes, graceful and light as the leaf of a willow, stunning charisma and a great pair of .... boots... everything would be fine if only there weren't that little intelligence issue.

After all intelligence, when you age as slow as elves do... you have a little bit more time to get instructed. The Elf must have decided that meant a lot more time and that's all !

She grew up in a fairly well organized community away from cities, surrounded by nothing but nature. Culturaly it has an importance, but most of all it also means that she's more or less skilled when it comes to protecting herself in a conflict. And it's more less than more.

Even though she was the pony styling champion of Groinsale, braiding category, for 15 years (the competition takes place every 5 years), her title was taken from her by her oldest sister who was jealous of her sister's talent and the attention it got her.

After losing her parents' favors, the Elf decided to see the world for herself and learnt about it, about adventure and about the value of elves in a company of adventurers.

She stole a bow from her cousin, trained for 6 months and went on the road to Noghall, following the advice of her books : Go to the most central tavern in town Eleciting quite a few reactions, she also caught the attention of a strange hooded guy who offered her an adventure in the Dungeon of Naheulbeul...

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