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The Dungeon Chronicles : The Ogre

Name : The Ogre

Age : We don't really know

Place of birth : Forest of Schlipak

The Ogre grew up in an old mouldy cave, surrounded by his father who, while jobless, was respected in the community, and his mother who defended the cave using a big branch dried by fire and adorned with rusty nails. One day, after being deprived of mushrooms in oil by his father, he decided to leave the parental home, without it bothering his parents in the least.

Well family doesn't really matter in Ogre culture so to be honest it's not a rare occurence either.

After wandering for a few weeks, he ended up crossing the Elibed river and getting closer to Glargh. As he was looking in a trashcan to find a decent snack he met … you know who. Yes you do. The Magician who burns everything down.

The Magician was the first human to speak his language and to not be terrified in his presence. That's also why it seemed obvious to him that he didn't have to eat her and could instead travel with someone instead of having to do it alone !

Then it all becomes à little blurry. They crossed path with a strange hooded guy who talks to his friend, he doesn't understand anything but he's got a garlic sausage to eat. After that they walked for a few days and the Magician explained that they would be joining a group of people that he couldn't eat. Disappointing but not a problem because he had killed a bear earlier and had everything he needed in terms of provisions.

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