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The Dungeon Chronicles : The Rogue

Name : The Rogue

Age : 22

Place of birth : Noghall

The Rogue was born in a village between the forest of Groinsale and the Aspousser Lake. He grew up in the middle of strange mechanisms : his father was indeed the greatest manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for mechanical ham cleavers. There seems to be a direct link with the fact that his uncle was the inventor of the famous Hiauell ham cleaver.

Because he didn't have any particular passion for ham, this fascination for high precision mechanics brought him early on to be interested in locks, and also in the practice of robbing his fellow villagers' homes for entertainement purposes.

Motivated by the profound boredom in the village, and the strange looks people gave him when they wondered, rightly, why a 22-year-old man, without a job, had so much money in his pockets.

He paid out of his own pocket for classed with a master rogue in the city of Tulamor, but quit after a few months, judging that he was ready to pursue a carreer as a professional thief. Obviously quitting before the end means skipping a part of the program and the part of the program in question was about magical locks and items.

Not a good idea ? Hell no, definitely not a good idea.

Hidden in a dark corner of a local tavern, he caught a conversation between a guy in a hood and a young muscular hairy paesant. He followed the mysterious individual and approached him to offer his services as rogue. The stranger hired without further question, convinced by his audacity and his discretion.

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