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The Dungeon Chronicles : Zangdar

Dernière mise à jour : 10 août 2020

Name : Zangdar

Age : 52 years old

Place of birth : Glargh

Ten years ago, the name of Zangdar thrilled adventurers. And then, like all fashions, his name ended up being just another anecdote in hostel gossip. Here's who Zangdar really is.

Born in 1446 in Glargh, his real name is Zangfil Darlan-Duchateau. Yeah, that's immediately less scary. Coming from a bourgeois family, he attended a private witchcraft school. It only took a few years of study to realize that he is a dunce of the worst kind. Despite his desire to join the Amphitheater Music Conservatory, his parents pay him witchcraft lessons at home. Ridiculous idea, since it results in the disappearance of the family, following a visibly poorly controlled Gluk Infernal Blizzard.

Orphan but rich, following a certain inheritance, Zangfil buys the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk and discovers his vocation: master and villain. There, he discovers a Golbargh and holds him prisoner with a spell, preventing him from using the stairs. This monster, killing anyone who dares to wake him up, guards the abandoned floor of the Dungeon.

Zangdar then set up his first dungeon business, specializing in "statuettes and prophecies". The latter quickly attracted adventurers, and the Dungeon enjoyed many glorious years. We note the disappearance of many companies, among which:

  • Mortadella's company (half-men, defeated by a trapped terrine)

  • The Lazy Avengers (priests of Dlul, logically slaughtered in their sleep)

  • The Ham Horde (again half-men, these starved to death in the labyrinth of the cellar)

Despite this good period, he lost several right-hands (we are talking about his henchmen here, of course, not his limbs) before hiring Reivax, which we will discuss a little later. Zangdar owes his survival to a Sphere of Perfect Invincibility. Invented after 10 years of research, this high-level spell guarantees flawless protection. It does suffer from a slight design problem, however, as its use prevents Zangdar from casting any spells. Faced with the usual success rate of his incantations, it is legitimate to wonder whether this is a disadvantage or an advantage...

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