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The Dungeon Chronicles : Reivax

Name : Reivax

Age : Too old for this bullshit !

Place of birth : Mlaüke

A Dungeon's master is nothing without his sidekick. Imagine, he would have to address the minions and incomprehensible monsters himself, sometimes risking his life. That's why there are people like Reivax.

For more than 10 years, he held the position of chief henchman of the famous Zangdar, Master of the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk. In order to get here, he obtained an Elementary Certificate of Acolyte of Lousy Sorcerer. He succeeds Melgadar, who fell from the roof while trying to replace a tile, and Gédéhef, struck by a storm elemental.

Naturally cowardly and deceitful, his intelligence leads people to believe that he rules the Dungeon instead of Zangdar. In reality, the latter does not miss the slightest opportunity to remind him who's the boss, including sending him to visit Gérard le Terrible. Fortunately, he avoids the whipping sessions by systematically offering him an alcoholic drink.

Master in spiel, Reivax is the specialist in embezzlement, false invoices and other malfeasances. His loyalty to Zangdar is no longer to be proven, except in cases of physical threat. He can then become very talkative and reveal information that has not even been asked. His resume shows that he speaks Goblin, Orc, Crows Code, Ogre and Common Troll. This is not the most interesting information, but it had to be put somewhere. Capital information on the other hand, he has a magnificent personal collection of faucets. There are all colors, all shapes, small, large... What do you mean, who cares?

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