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The Dungeon Chronicles : The Minstrel

Name : The Minstrel

Age : Well preserved

Place of birth : Valtordu


It's the story of the Minstrel who loved poetry,

He always wanted to sing for somebody.

When someday in the hills, a huge troll arrived,

He took out his guitar and finally died.


The Minstrel, a charismatic and music-loving character (sometimes a little too much), comes straight from Valtordu. He didn't have a very happy childhood either. His father, who was very absent until his teenage years, was on the road most of the time chasing the pill, the pitcher and the petticoat. His mother had run the bakery in the Southeast District for generations. She considered the Minstrel to be a loafer, in her father's lineage, because of his love for music.

The travelling and mysterious aspect of his father's profession, in fact, prompted the Minstrel to follow in his footsteps. At the age of 17, he decides to do a music course with an elven company from Ouien Wood. Fascinated by these beings since his young age, he had already had the opportunity to meet them during festivities on the theme of blood sausage (nothing new so far, in Valtordu).

He therefore joined the You-kaï-di company and learned dancing, singing, percussion and stringed instruments. He also knows how to juggle, climb trees and make macrame bags. No real adventurous talent, therefore, if it is not his level 3 which is only used to play guitar. Before becoming the Barbarian's punchbag, he was the scapegoat for the elves, and frequently received small slaps on the back of the head, accompanied by a "dumb". He had to give them "juggling danced" shows, while dodging arrows shot between his feet. The elves were having a blast. Our friend the Minstrel has fond memories of it, because he never realized that they took him for a moron.

He gained all the same in dexterity, and set off again one fine day, proudly displaying his level 3. He subsequently responded to an announcement proposing the animation of the tavern of the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, replacing Tommy Verdâtre. The latter was scheduled to undergo laryngeal surgery...

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