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The Dungeon Chronicles : The Dwarf

Name : The Dwarf (Also known as "Silver-Nail" or "Brazen-Thumb")

Age : 40 + (We keep count of coins better than we do for years here apparently)

Place of birth : Thunderthighs

Son of miners for 32 generations, our Dwarf is a worthy representative of his people. So worthy that he is a descendent of Gurdil Mortenclume, also known as "Shiny-Ass", who inspired a song by being the first one to become a "forest miner" ... well first one to become one and come back home in one piece.

The Dwarf grew up in the northen mountains of Mliuej and hasn't known much else than metal, rocks and gold before being pushed by a venal instinct on the path to adventure.

Metal and rocks are important for sure, but he knows mostly gold and showed very early on a remarkable gift for the calculation of it, which predestined him to a great future as a banker.

The call of adventure (and to punch people) was stronger and he grabbed an axe from the guard post, spent begrudgingly a few coins on one class with a dwarven combat master, and left in the (vaguely) known direction of human cities.

Wandering from one tavern to another, looking for mercenary work, he let himself be convinced by a hooded individual to go look for fortune at the doors of the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, where "several seasoned adventurers" were waiting for him.

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