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The Dungeon Chronicles : The Magician

Dernière mise à jour : 10 août 2020

Name : The Magician

Age : 28

Place of birth : Kjaniouf

Born in the year 1470 of the Second Age, our Sorceress is the third daughter of a honest family of fabric merchants, living in Kjaniouf for generations.

Her mother died in a raid (fairly common in the region), shot by a ballista in the ear as she was hanging her laundry to dry. Her father sank in alcoholism and she was fostered by her aunt Laurya, sorceress of level 6, who sensed in her a great passion for reading.

Her slightly older cousin Aztoona, Laurya's daughter, advised her to enroll at the University of Glargh with her to get an education in magic. But first she had to learn how to clean up her room. We can all agree on the fact that the whole cleaning up her room thing never happened, but University she managed, to the great relief of her aunt. She got in, sure, but the start happened 2 months late following the loss, on 3 occasions, of the application form.

Long story short, she tried multiple majors, none without great talent, before focusing on combat magic. A few years and a bunch of accidents later, she went adventuring with a base diploma of level 1 (Speciality "Namzar's slap" and "Linguist").

It is in the small muddy town of Glargh that she met the Ogre, who was extremely busy searching in trash. They then met a mysterious hooded man, at the entrance of shop, who promised them riches, ancient books and giant sandwiches. For that they had to go to the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, to the east.

The Sorceress motivated by the possibility of burning down something else than her classmates, they engaged on this adventure.

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