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The Dungeon Chronicles : The Ranger

Name : The Ranger

Age : 20

Place of birth : Loubet

Physically average, including in stature but charismatic anyway, the Ranger knows how to captivate an audience thanks to his mysterious aura and the steel sparkle in his eyes. It's usually before he starts talking..

Son of a chair-bottomer, and chair-bottomer of great talent himself, the Ranger has been drawn to adventure after hearing two men of great eloquence in a tavern, like a whisper telling him to grab his nag, his boots and his bludgeon.

A sentence that doesn't go without reminding you of a certain song inspired by his first ... exploit as an adventurer, A l'aventure compagnons, literally "Let's go on an adventure companions", which inspired the title of our chronicle in french !

If you know the lyrics you know that the first try wasn't the right one, for sure, but he learnt the most important lesson of all and it is that you should never try adventure alone because you have to take all the punches and you get nowhere.

The Ranger then had the idea of no longer going on adventures alone and from then he let himself be convinced by a strange hooded man to be the leader of a group of adventurers braving the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk.

The Ranger likes to make people believe he is the leader and he hopes to gains level quickly by filling that role. He'd like to be a respected ranger and to be able to observe people from a dark corner of a taverne, enjoying the scared looks of other clients. But for now, he is rather scared by the amused looks of other client...

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